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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The easiest method to subsurface mount Athens Bin Enclosures is with chemset stainless steel threaded rod in the sub-surface concrete, positioned with the Athens Mounting Template. Once the additional layers such as sand, gravel or pavers have been finished, cut the threaded rod to height. Secure the bin enclosure with a washer and nut.
When mounting the bin enclosures to uneven ground the simplest method to fix the bin perfectly flat is to use washers under each of the corners of the Bin Enclosure, preferably with the mounting bolts through the washers. If you are wanting to tidy the finish, once it has been firmly fixed in place, grout fill the gap around the washers.
It is not recommended however Athens bin enclosures can be left free-standing when supplied with a base board factory fitted to the base. This is only recommended in situations where there is soft ground, synthetic grass or they simply need to be moved around.

Athens Bin Enclosures are designed with an access door that has no step so the wheelie bin can be easily rolled in or out of place as required. This means that the enclosure must be fixed and level so that the door latch is able to work correctly.

Athens Bin Enclosures are highly ranked in the market and for very good reason. There has been ongoing extensive research over 2+ years into all the issues that clients experience with other brands. As a result of this, Athens Bin Enclosures are highly regarded with its superior engineered features which have been proven by our clients to save money in a short period of time. View our detailed comparison based on real examples listed below.
Athens bin enclosures have a heavy-duty cam-lock that are keyed alike with a universal security key. One key is supplied free of charge per bin enclosure.
All Athens Bin Enclosures are designed with no overhang so you can bank together as many bins as is needed for your waste and recycling requirements. This then creates a waste management bank of enclosures when using appropriate signage and colour coordination. Read more on how to achieve a waste management stream here.
Yes, as the bin is a modular design it allows for easy replacement of individuals panels if they get damaged or customisation is required after original purchase. This is also an aspect that makes them a cost-effective option over time. Most bins available on the market would need to be entirely replaced if a section of it had been damaged which can become expensive.
The cheapest Athens Bin Enclosure is the powder coated base with either an open top or the cube cover.

Although they may not be cheaper than other bin enclosures on the market, they are the most cost-effective solution over time. The careful design and manufacture of the Athens bin enclosure suite ensures sustainability and the longest lasting units on the market. Also, with a modular design, it allows for individual panels to be replaced if they are damaged. Other brands of bin enclosures would require the whole bin to be replaced which would be a great expense that could be avoided by purchasing an Athens bin enclosure.

It is highly recommended that the Athens bin enclosures are bolted down to keep them rigid and avoid them being knocked over and being damaged. If bolting down is not possible, we can supply portable bases for them. Rigid bin enclosures also help the door and latch to operate effectively.
Yes, custom signage is available to place on the bin enclosure. Also, customisation of features on the outside of the bin enclosure doors such as logos and custom colours is available upon request. See the custom Athens Bin Enclosure examples here.
The most effective way to make waste separation really obvious is through the use of signage and different colours. There is a range of waste separation signage available to specifically for the Athens Bin Enclosures which also fit within the solid rectangle fronts on the panels of the Laser Cut base options. The signage options include landfill, organics, paper & cardboard, recycling and soft plastics. View the range of Waste Separations Signage options here.

There are also coloured chute and door options that distinctively show the different waste separation streams. This includes Red for Waste, Yellow for Recycling and Blue for Paper & Cardboard. It is important with bins that are accessible from all 4 sides, that appropriate signage and coloured are also visible from all 4 sides.

We can also custom colour a complete bin which makes for very obvious waste separation.

The best cover on the Athens Bin Enclosures to keep birds out is the curved cover waste streams or the cube top. This is because there is only two sides with a small opening, making it difficult for birds to make their way inside the bin.

Any bin with a cover does also reduce the likeliness of birds finding their way inside the bin and getting to the rubbish. These include the curved cover, and the sloping cover options.

Asset 3 1 0 Covered top does not overhang base - can create ‘bank’ of multiple bins. 7 3-fold corner sections - extra strong 1 2 20mm covered top posts 1 1 All-in-one slider. No grooves for rubbish, dust and grime to collect in. 6 No weld modular construction 5 Heavy 2mm wall thickness 4 Wide and long striker to stop door bowing or becoming uneven 3 Heavy duty quarter turn camlock - can be customised 2 100% Australian made 14 Standard & custom signage printed in-house 1 Heavy duty stainless steel hinges 8 3mm thickness covertop 1 3 Multiple shapes & styles 9 Heavy duty steel Waste & Recycle surrounds - can be fitted later.

Wheelie Bin Enclosure
Wheelie Bin Enclosure
Heavy duty stainless steel hinges
Light duty chrome hinges
100% Australian made
Imported from Asia
Heavy duty quarter turn camlock – can be customised
Low quality tri-lock lock
Wide and long striker to stop door bowing
or becoming uneven
Small striker tabs that cause the door to bow and become
loose, eventually breaking
Heavy 2mm wall thickness, Zincanneal sheet
& premium powder coat finish
Imported 1.6mm steel, no anti-corrosion coatings, low quality
powder coat
No-weld, modular construction – complete base unit has
no welds. Sides can be individually replaced if required
Welded or riveted construction – weak, easily damaged, any
damage will require the complete bin to be replaced
3-fold corner sections – extra strong
Single fold and rivet construction – weak, easily damaged
3mm thickness covered top
2mm thickness covered top – easily bent, sags
Heavy duty steel waste & recycling chutes, supported
by heavy duty posts – can be fitted after install too
Plastic or light duty steel chute with no inner support.
No covered top overhang
– can create ‘bank’ of multiple bins
Some tops over hang the base meaning it can
only be used as a single bin
All-in-one slider, no grooves, very easy to clean
Drop in riveted slider that collects rubbish, dust and
is used to butt-out cigarettes. Very hard to clean
20mm covered top posts
Maximum 12mm posts, weak and causes covered top to droop
Multiple shapes & styles
Limited options available
Standard or custom signage printed in-house
Signage by others can be a hassle

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Aesthetics and Durability, All In One!

Astra’s Suite of Athens Bin Enclosures boast a remarkable heavy-duty DIY modular construction that has been designed, manufactured, and assembled locally here in Australia. The admirable quality of the Athens range, achieved through the use of high-quality material and meticulous processes, contributes to the longevity of the bin enclosures. The diverse range of bin enclosures that make up the suite create the perfect fit of recycling and waste disposal options that will seamlessly blend into any environment whilst adding a level of sophistication and premium quality to your facility.

Key features of Astra’s Athens Bin Enclosures include:

  • 100% Australian designed and manufactured
  • A heavy-duty quarter turn camlock
  • A heavy duty DIY modular construction with 2mm wall thickness
  • Stainless-steel hinges contributing to the reputable, reliable and extra strong modular design
  • A long, wide striker to stop the door from bowing
  • The all-in-one slider with no grooves keeping maintenance and cleaning to a minimum
  • The vast variety of base options, including stainless steel that won’t rust over time when in close proximity to saltwater
  • Coloured cover top and door options for easily identifiable waste separation systems

For facilities that cater for communal engagement, it is important they provide adequate means for rubbish disposal to ensure there is a continual high level of cleanliness maintained in the area. The Athens Bin Surrounds are available in various base options including powder coated, stainless steel, laser cut stainless steel and timber slats. These base options are available in either open or covered top styles, the covered tops including curved, sloping, and cube top options. The wide variety aims to cater for various design features and landscape requirements.

Along with these base style varieties, a range of different coloured covered top and door options are available to distinguish between the different waste streams. These options include landfill waste, recycling, and paper disposal streams. Ensuring that your bin enclosures make it easy to identify the different waste streams in place, users will be alerted to dispose of their rubbish in the correct manner. This implementation of effective and distinctive waste and recycling practices in communal areas allows the institution or facility to play their part in the restoration of a healthy and clean environment.

If our standard styles, designs and colours do not suit your requirements, Astra Street Furniture can customise any of our Athens Bin Enclosures with custom (Dulux) colours, laser cut designs, printed signs, logos or words!