Project - InterContinental Hotel

Client InterContinental Hotel

Location Double Bay, NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Nova Construction

Date December 2020


About Intercontinental Hotel

The InterContinental Hotel is located in Double Bay, a harbourside eastern suburb of Sydney. Double Bay is known for its sandy beaches, charming accommodation and upscale shopping boutiques. The young, hip crowd is attracted to its trendy coffee spots and exquisite cocktail bars. The hotel prides itself with offering their guests a luxury experience with a homely feel. The picturesque views of their rooftop bar can be enjoyed whilst indulging in a 5-star dining experience prepared by state of the art chefs located in their very own restaurant.

When staying at the InterContinental Hotel during the warmer months, their show-stopping rooftop pool is where you will want to be. The rooftop pool is the only destination in Sydney that offers such an experience, with a unique view of the one and only Sydney harbour. The InterContinental Hotel also offers their guests a fully-equipped fitness and wellness centre open 24/7, with dedicated cardi and resistance equipment and free weights. With such state of the art equipment being a prominent factor to the selection of where their guests choose to stay, they ensure they offer their guests resources to correctly dispose of their used towels from both the pool and fitness centre, keeping their grounds clean and tidy. InterContinental Hotel have used Astra’s Athens bins as a means to hold these used towels, in order to maintain their high levels of cleanliness.

What the client said

“We have used the Bin Enclosures for a different use. We use wheelie bins for easy handling of used towels in the gym and in the rooftop pool bar area. They are a really neat way to cover the wheelie bins. They were easy to install and really compliment the upper-class pool area!”