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Aesthetics and Functionality All Built Into ONE!

The Prague suite is made up of premium and functional waste bins and benches that are perfect for both internal and external use. The heavy-duty construction and practicality of the suite extends to the free-standing and bolt down capabilities allowing for easy transportation when maintenance, renovation or functions are required in their designated area.

The modular design of the Prague bins allows for easy customisation of colours, finishes, and laser cut patterns which can be created, contributing to a facilities effective waste management stream. The no overhang element of the bins allow them to be banked up beside each other, to create a waste management system for the community to use throughout the facility. The Prague twin systems are also available in colour coordinated waste and recycling units which make it easy to identify the different waste streams and therefore enable correct disposal of waste in a way that considered the environment. The Prague bins cater for both standard waste bins with a removable heavy-duty plastic liner, or wheelie bin enclosures. The use of a Prague wheelie bin enclosure will encourage modern design upgrading your standard, boring wheelie bin to a classy fixture in your facility.

The thorough design process that had been implemented for the arrival of the Prague benches boosts modern aesthetics and functionality with its ability to seamlessly coordinate with a sophisticated facility layout. The Prague bench has been designed so that it is non-intrusive and does not obstruct the path of individuals coordinating their way through a facility. The simplistic and sophisticated elements of the bench complement the Prague bins through its consistent style and one piece construction. The benches are tough and functional with a safe curved form.

Our ‘quality range’ guarantee is achieved through countless hours of research and development, resulting in the production and manufacturing of Astra’s premium Australian made suites. The superior quality of the Prague furniture pieces contribute to the longevity of the bins and benches, being manufactured, and assembled in Australia, with quality materials and meticulous processes. If our standard styles, designs and colours do not suit your requirements, Astra can customise to the requested requirements, which is the added benefit of Australian made and manufactured furniture pieces.