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Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor school furniture is more than just a functional addition to educational landscapes; it is an essential cornerstone for fostering dynamic, flexible, and engaging learning environments. At Astra Street Furniture, we understand that the integration of quality outdoor furnishings is key to modern education, encouraging interactive and hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional classroom. Our Australian-made, durable outdoor furniture is designed with the well-being of students and the nuances of outdoor education in mind, ensuring that every piece contributes to a more vibrant and inclusive educational journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor classrooms are integral in modern education as they offer alternative, dynamic learning environments that encourage active participation, hands-on experiences, and engagement with the natural world, which are vital for the holistic development of students.
Quality outdoor classroom furniture supports effective learning by providing comfortable, durable, and functional spaces that facilitate interaction, collaboration, and inclusivity, essential for engaging and productive learning experiences.
Yes, Astra Street Furniture specialises in providing custom solutions designed to meet the specific needs of educational spaces, ensuring that each piece of furniture serves its intended educational purpose and fits seamlessly into the designated outdoor area.
Schools can start by assessing their outdoor space, considering their educational needs, and reaching out to Astra Street Furniture’s team, who can guide through the selection and customisation process to create a functional and inviting outdoor classroom.

Video Gallery

The Liverpool suite is an exciting development and is in stock for immediate delivery. This picnic setting is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in Australia, which makes them 100% Australian made.
The Liverpool covered picnic setting has all the same key features of the Liverpool range, including great aesthetics, a range of slat options to choose from and a modular design for quick and easy assembly.
Spending time outdoors is just as important for childrens development as learning to read and write - so why not combine the two, with Outdor Classrooms?
The Woodville Angled Benches are a great way to create an outdoor interactive space or yarning circle. The base plate Woodville Angled Benches come in Astra's 5 standard slat options to best suit your area.
Are you looking for picnic settings for your educational facility but unsure of the seating capacity? We have saved you some time and done the calculations to help you determine how many students will fit comfortably on our picnic settings!

Designing Effective Outdoor Learning Spaces

Designing effective outdoor learning spaces requires an understanding of both functionality and aesthetic appeal. To create an environment conducive to learning, consider incorporating a variety of seating arrangements such as our Woodville angled benches for interactive spaces, and ensure accessibility for all students with options like our Liverpool and Barcelona wheelchair-accessible settings. Durability and maintenance are key, which is why Astra Street Furniture uses materials like EnviroSlat and Merbau hardwood, ensuring longevity and ease of care. Considering the addition of shade structures and positioning of furniture to capitalise on natural landscapes can greatly enhance the outdoor classroom experience.

The Advantages of Learning Outdoors

The shift towards outdoor education is driven by its significant benefits on student development, learning outcomes, and well-being. The fresh air and natural light of outdoor classrooms have been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and increase physical activity. Engaging with lessons in the dynamic backdrop of the outdoors also aids in improving students' behaviour, fosters a deeper connection with the learning material, and encourages inclusive and hands-on learning. Astra Street Furniture supports this educational evolution with furnishings that facilitate a seamless transition from indoor learning to enriching outdoor experiences.

Custom Solutions for Your Educational Space

Understanding that each educational space is unique, Astra Street Furniture offers custom furniture solutions tailored to meet specific outdoor classroom requirements. Whether it's adapting existing designs to fit your space, incorporating school colours, or creating bespoke pieces for special applications, our team is equipped to deliver furniture that aligns with your educational goals and aesthetic values. Contact us to explore how we can customise outdoor furniture to enhance your educational facility's outdoor learning capabilities.