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A Strong & Sturdy Australian Made Shelter – The Shade Structure That Your Facility NEEDS!

Astra Street Furniture has taken a new direction with the recent introduction of the Manchester suite which features a brand new range of standalone shelters. With Australia’s sometimes unbearable sunshine and hot summers, facilities really cannot afford to offer outdoor spaces WITHOUT shaded areas. The Manchester Shelters are a complete aluminium structure fitted with a Colourbond custom Orb roof. The shelters are a strong and sturdy unit which have been designed and engineered with structural grade aluminium for harsh conditions.

The Manchester Shelters arrive on site as a kit that is easy to assemble on site and includes heavy duty base plate posts to ensure safety and security of the shelter. Providing an adequate amount of shaded space, they are the perfect addition for open space facilities where permanent shade structures are required such as schools, colleges, universities, residential complexes, parks, aged care facilities, hospitals, public transport stations, outdoor BBQ/lunch areas, and more. There are a variety of options that contribute to further shade and aesthetic features including clear anodised slat screen, wood grain aluminium (western red cedar) slat screen or no screen at all.

Our ‘quality range’ guarantee is achieved through countless hours of research and development, resulting in the production and manufacturing of Astra’s premium Australian made suites. Each of the Astra Suites has been designed and manufactured from locally sourced raw materials, contributing to the quality and durability of the product. All our standard options are stocked for immediate delivery – under 1 week to have this great suite on your site/facility! However, if our standard styles, designs and colours do not suit your requirements, Astra can customise to the requested requirements, which is the added benefit of Australian made and manufactured furniture pieces.