How Can I Encourage Better House Colour Engagement throughout My School?

When students belong to a school ‘house colour’, they feel an increased sense of inclusion and worth. Belonging to a ‘team’ all cheering for the same cause is highly likely to enhance their participation and engagement in school activities, but the challenge is to keep them feeling part of that team.

To help you out, our education specialist team have come up with a short list to get you thinking about how you can drive motivation and teamwork, and ensure your students continue to keep their house colour sense of duty front of mind! Note – these are suggestions only! Your school can customise the competitions based on your situation.

Check it out. 

1. Use Coloured Furniture 

Athens Bin EnclosuresSo popular in educational facilities and not just for waste stream colour coding! The modular design allows for each part to be easily replaced or customised, meaning your enclosure can be fully coloured or just partly coloured – whatever configuration you think will be most effective in your school. Every time your students use the bin, they’ll be reminded of their house colour! 
Picnic Settings with Coloured Frames & EndcapsThe best thing about these settings is that they can be moved around your playground with ease if you wish. Have an event coming up where you need all coloured benches on the sports field? No problem! If you prefer these to be bolted down for extra security however, that’s not a problem either. 
Coloured UmbrellasThese are the best option when you want something highly visible! A student can locate their area easily and are clearly reminded of their house colour when outside!   
Bin Door GraphicsWe print our bin door graphics in house, so if you need a custom colour, logo, house symbol, motto or chant printed on the door, easy done! This will be a personalised and obvious reminder of each house colour and what it represents. 

2. Run Short but Meaningful Competitions

Recycling Comp  Our Athens Wheelie Bin Enclosures conveniently butt up against each other to form a ‘bank’ of recycling bins. Each enclosure in the ‘bank’ can be customised with colour and mottos to represent each house colour.   Multiple banks can then be placed around the school grounds, in strategic spots that will best encourage students to dispose of their waste correctly.   Whoever has accumulated the most recycling by the end of the week wins!  
Cleanest Playground Area What better way to ensure a spotless playground than to promote a bit of friendly competition!   Appoint a student leader or teacher to run the initiative. Split the playground area into different sections according to house colour, decked out with coloured furniture items as mentioned above. Students can design and hang posters to remind their peers to keep their area clean!   Each house area gets scored out of 10 based on the cleanliness of their area after each break session. Which ever house has the highest score at the end of the month wins! What will their reward be? 

3. Display the Results 

Nothing promotes friendly competition more than making it known what house colour is on top and who’s got some catching up to do! Displaying the results is the most effective way of keeping your students engaged.

Mention competition results in the school newsletter, at the end of weekly assemblies, during class roll call, or announce it over the PA system!!

We hope these suggestions have given you some ideas of how to promote better house colour engagement in your school! We’d love to hear about your results.  

All the best!