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Innovative Shade and Outdoor Shelter Solutions Public and Private Spaces

Discover the cornerstone of any well-equipped outdoor space with our top-tier outdoor shelter and shade solutions. Recognising the critical role that shade plays in safety and comfort, we provide specialised outdoor shade solutions to meet the diverse needs of schools, colleges, universities, residential complexes, parks, aged care facilities, hospitals, public transport stations, outdoor BBQ / lunch areas, and more. Our commitment is to deliver not just shelter, but innovative solutions that ensure your spaces are both protected and welcoming.

Explore Our Range of Premium Shade Solutions

Explore our curated selection of premium shade solutions, where functionality meets sophistication. Our range includes traditional shade structures, ideal for withstanding the elements in high-traffic areas, and sleek cantilever structures, perfect for spaces where unobstructed views are paramount. Additionally, we offer specialised bus shelters, designed for durability and comfort, ensuring a safer and more pleasant wait for commuters. Each category is tailored to elevate and protect any public or private space with ease and efficiency.

Why Astra's Outdoor Shelters are the Ideal Choice

When it comes to enduring performance and aesthetic appeal, Astra Street Furniture stands unparalleled in the realm of outdoor shelters. Our Manchester Shelters, crafted from structural grade aluminium and topped with a robust Colorbond Custom Orb roof, offer unmatched durability and resilience even in the harshest conditions. 

Designed for quick assembly, our shelters come with heavy-duty base plate posts, ensuring the safety and security essential for public spaces. With the versatility to suit schools, healthcare facilities, and transit stations alike, and the option to personalise with clear anodised or wood grain aluminium slat screens, our shelters provide the swift dispatch and wide range of designs that modern spaces demand. 

Rated for Wind Region C and engineered to meet rigorous safety standards, Astra's shelters are not just a purchase but a long-lasting investment in the safety and comfort of your facilities.

Spaces That Benefit from Our Shelter Solutions

Astra's shelter solutions bring a harmonious blend of comfort and visual appeal to a variety of settings. 

In parks and recreational areas, our structures provide a welcoming respite, enabling visitors to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while being shielded from the elements. 

Outdoor dining and alfresco areas are transformed with our shelters, enhancing the ambiance and allowing patrons to savour their meals under the canopy of style and protection.

On school and university campuses, our shelters become integral to creating communal spaces where students can gather, learn, and relax in a safe, shaded environment. 

Shopping centres benefit from added customer comfort, encouraging longer visits and a more enjoyable shopping experience. 

Residential village gardens are turned into elegant retreats with aesthetically pleasing designs that elevate the villages’s outdoor living spaces for residents and visitors alike.

Urban spaces gain defined areas for rest and social interaction, making community spaces more inviting.