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Bin Enclosures

Wheelie Bin Enclosures for Modern Spaces

Astra's Wheelie Bin Enclosures offer a smart solution for keeping both urban areas and park spaces clean and organised. These enclosures are not only practical for effective waste management but also add a tidy and attractive element to any setting. Whether it's enhancing the look of a busy shopping centre or maintaining the natural beauty of a park, our designs are versatile enough to fit in seamlessly. With Astra's commitment to combining functionality with a clean aesthetic, these Wheelie Bin Enclosures are an ideal choice for any public space.

Explore Astra's Versatile Wheelie Bin Enclosure Range

Astra's Wheelie Bin Enclosures boast a diverse array of finishes and styles, tailored to meet every aesthetic and functional need. From our modern look Florence bins to the sleek and modern appeal of our stainless steel Athens bins, our range offers a solution for every setting. Each enclosure is thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly into its environment, whether it's a cosy residential area or a bustling commercial space. Beyond the standard finishes, we provide extensive customisation options to ensure that each enclosure meets your specific design requirements. Our collection is not just about appearances; it's about offering practical, durable solutions that enhance the look and feel of any area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Astra's Bin Enclosures can be customised for specific waste streams. This customisation extends to the colour and signage on the enclosures, allowing for clear and specific labelling for different types of waste such as recyclables, organic waste, or general waste. This feature is particularly beneficial for promoting effective waste separation and recycling practices.

Customisation options are not limited to waste stream labels. Astra offers the ability to tailor the enclosures to match school colours or incorporate specific branding, making them an ideal fit for educational institutions or corporate environments seeking to maintain a consistent aesthetic while emphasising their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Astra's Bin Enclosures are a durable choice due to their use of high-quality materials, robust construction, and protective coatings that resist corrosion and fading. Their modular design not only adds flexibility but also ensures longevity, as individual parts can be easily replaced if needed. Additionally, the ease of maintenance contributes to their enduring quality, making them a reliable and long-lasting solution for various environments. These factors combined ensure that Astra's bin enclosures can withstand regular wear and tear, as well as harsh environmental conditions.
Astra's Bin Enclosures enhance a facility's cleanliness by promoting effective waste segregation with customisable signage, maintaining a visually appealing and durable design, and ensuring easy maintenance. These aspects not only keep the enclosures in pristine condition but also encourage responsible waste disposal, thereby reducing littering. Their robust and attractive design contributes to a cleaner, more organised waste management system within any facility.
Yes, Astra's Wheelie Bin Enclosures are highly suitable for high-traffic areas. Their robust construction and durable materials ensure they can withstand the frequent use and potential wear and tear common in such settings. The enclosures' design focuses on stability and resilience, making them ideal for places like busy commercial precincts, public parks, and large educational campuses. Additionally, the ease of maintenance and the option for custom signage help in efficiently managing waste and recycling, even in areas with a high volume of foot traffic. These features combined make Astra's bin enclosures a reliable and effective solution for maintaining cleanliness and order in high-traffic environments.
Asset 3 1 0 Covered top does not overhang base - can create ‘bank’ of multiple bins. 7 3-fold corner sections - extra strong 1 2 20mm covered top posts 1 1 All-in-one slider. No grooves for rubbish, dust and grime to collect in. 6 No weld modular construction 5 Heavy 2mm wall thickness 4 Wide and long striker to stop door bowing or becoming uneven 3 Heavy duty quarter turn camlock - can be customised 2 100% Australian made 14 Standard & custom signage printed in-house 1 Heavy duty stainless steel hinges 8 3mm thickness covertop 1 3 Multiple shapes & styles 9 Heavy duty steel Waste & Recycle surrounds - can be fitted later.

Wheelie Bin Enclosure
Wheelie Bin Enclosure
Heavy duty stainless steel hinges
Light duty chrome hinges
100% Australian made
Imported from Asia
Heavy duty quarter turn camlock – can be customised
Low quality tri-lock lock
Wide and long striker to stop door bowing
or becoming uneven
Small striker tabs that cause the door to bow and become
loose, eventually breaking
Heavy 2mm wall thickness, Zincanneal sheet
& premium powder coat finish
Imported 1.6mm steel, no anti-corrosion coatings, low quality
powder coat
No-weld, modular construction – complete base unit has
no welds. Sides can be individually replaced if required
Welded or riveted construction – weak, easily damaged, any
damage will require the complete bin to be replaced
3-fold corner sections – extra strong
Single fold and rivet construction – weak, easily damaged
3mm thickness covered top
2mm thickness covered top – easily bent, sags
Heavy duty steel waste & recycling chutes, supported
by heavy duty posts – can be fitted after install too
Plastic or light duty steel chute with no inner support.
No covered top overhang
– can create ‘bank’ of multiple bins
Some tops over hang the base meaning it can
only be used as a single bin
All-in-one slider, no grooves, very easy to clean
Drop in riveted slider that collects rubbish, dust and
is used to butt-out cigarettes. Very hard to clean
20mm covered top posts
Maximum 12mm posts, weak and causes covered top to droop
Multiple shapes & styles
Limited options available
Standard or custom signage printed in-house
Signage by others can be a hassle

Video Gallery

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The Astra range of wheelie bin enclosures make waste management and recycling a breeze! There are a wide variety of base and top options to suite your project requirements, weather conditions and facility layout.
Many of our clients find it a challenge informing and educating their patrons, clients, or students as to the correct separation of waste. With this challenge in mind, we have released a standard range of waste stream graphics.
Are you trying to implement a waste management system at your facility but not exactly sure how the streams are meant to be correctly separated? This video is going to briefly run through all the different waste streams...
Have you noticed that the bins at your facility are not protected from birds and wildlife? If so, they are exxtremely likely to pick through the bin and make a mess of your rubbish.

The Distinctive Qualities of Astra's Bin Enclosures

Astra Street Furniture stands as a premier choice in the realm of Wheelie Bin Enclosures, blending robustness with an undeniable style. Proudly manufactured in Australia, these bin enclosures are a testament to local craftsmanship and quality. The modular design of the Athens enclosures not only offers durability but also ensures adaptability to various environments, whether it be commercial spaces or residential areas. This modular approach extends to easy maintenance, allowing for quick and efficient upkeep. Astra takes it a step further in promoting environmental consciousness by offering customisable signage options. These signs serve as effective tools for waste separation awareness, guiding users to responsibly dispose of their waste. 

Perfect Environments for Astra's Wheelie Bin Enclosures

Astra's Wheelie Bin Enclosures are ideally suited for a range of settings, particularly shining in educational campuses, public spaces, and commercial precincts. 

On educational campuses, these enclosures contribute significantly to creating a clean and safe environment for students and staff, promoting a culture of responsibility towards waste management. 

In public spaces, such as parks and streets, Astra's bin enclosures not only help maintain hygiene and public health but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of these areas, seamlessly blending into the landscape while serving a crucial function. 

In the bustling atmosphere of commercial precincts, these enclosures stand as pillars of order and cleanliness, effectively managing waste in high-traffic areas while contributing to a more pleasant and inviting business environment.