What are the Advantages of Covered Top Bins & Bin Enclosures? The Top 4

The fundamental idea of incorporating bins within a facility is to ensure the users of the area dispose of their rubbish correctly, keeping the landscape clean and tidy, right? Well, what if we told you that even though waste bins have been placed in certain areas, the rubbish won’t always remain inside the bin, ending up on the ground, contaminating natural environments and affecting the aesthetics of social hubs. The bin would be completely pointless. This is where we introduce covered top bins and wheelie bin enclosures!

Open top litter bins and wheelie bin enclosures are most advantageous when used in indoor locations, where the chances of unintentional littering will not occur from the elements and wildlife. Open top bins such as the Astra’s London suite have popularly been implemented in a variety of indoor shopping centres, where their aesthetics and use are most beneficial! This can be seen at Ed. Square Town Centre, where they have installed a variety of open top London Bins in indoor locations, and where required, have installed London Bins with covered tops in outdoor locations. Probably thinking, well why is this necessary? Let us tell you!

No-Touch Approach

When wheelie bins are used on their own and kept closed, it means there is the continual need to touch the bin to dispose of rubbish. Wheelie bins naturally contain and hold extreme levels of bacteria and germs from continued waste disposal. When people need to touch the bin to open the lid and dispose their rubbish, they are exposing themselves to unnecessary bacteria and germs which they are then likely to spread. An extremely simple way to minimise this is through the use of covered top wheelie bin enclosures. The use of Athens Wheelie Bin Enclosures means that the wheelie bin kept inside the enclosure will always have the lid open and accessible for litter disposal. It reduces the spread of bacteria between users as a no-touch approach is achieved. Not only does the bin enclosure help with waste disposal, but it also creates an aesthetic appeal, hiding the eye sore of wheelie bins.

Limits Wildlife Access to the Litter

A major benefit of covered top litter bins and wheelie bin enclosures is that it limits the access birds and insects have to get to the already disposed rubbish. With the smaller and narrow sides compared to exposed open top bins, it is still accessible for human rubbish disposal, but eliminates wildlife access. When bins have exposed access, it makes it quite easy for animals to pick through and spread the rubbish within the facility. Spreading of the rubbish makes the landscape area look unappealing to spend time in, let alone the germs and bacteria that it spreads!

Stops Rubbish Spread by the Elements

Open top style litter bins are exposed to the increased risk that the elements, such as heavy wind, will be able to blow through the rubbish, spreading it throughout the facilities landscape area. When not continuously monitored, the spread of rubbish can get out of control and contaminate the facilities grounds. With the covered top style, it adds a level of protection against the elements in ensuring the rubbish remains inside the bin and ready for removal from the maintenance team. Ensuring the waste remains in the bin at all times also reduces the costs associated with extra time being spent on preventable waste clean up from the maintenance/facilities team.

Stops Bins Filling with Water

Covered top bins and wheelie bin enclosures are ideal for use in outdoor landscapes where they are exposed to wet weather conditions. With the covered top bin, it protects the bin opening from filling up with rainwater which can cause overflow if exposed to the rain for long periods of time. If there is an overflow of rubbish and water, it can spread and contaminate the surrounding landscape. The cover acts as a shield for the rubbish, keeping it dry and correctly disposed, ready for collection day.

It may be surprising the different factors that need to be considered when choosing a style of bin/wheelie bin enclosure to ensure it will fulfill its key purpose and be an asset for the facility. Choosing the correct style/covered top bin can be a cost efficient precaution that is necessary to consider when wanting to make the correct waste disposal decision!