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Drinking Fountains

In the hustle of urban life and the playfulness of parks and schools, the need for accessible, clean water is paramount. Astra Street Furniture presents a line of Drinking Fountains that blend seamlessly into the fabric of public spaces, offering more than just a sip of water—they offer a moment of respite, a touchpoint for community, and a commitment to public health. 

Our range of Drinking Fountains, especially designed for diverse settings such as educational facilities, parks, and urban areas, underscores our dedication to enhancing Australian lives. Discover our sustainable solutions, built for longevity and crafted to meet the demands of high-use environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Astra Street Furniture prides itself on a broad selection of Drinking Fountains, tailored to cater to every design preference and functional requirement. Our offerings include the elegant Premium Style and the accessibility-focused DDA Compliant Style, both available in a resilient stainless steel finish for a classic look or a variety of colour finishes to complement your specific design aesthetics. Enhance your space with optional additions such as a dog bowl for pet-friendly areas or a bottle filler for on-the-go convenience, ensuring a perfect match for any public or educational environment.
By providing easy access to clean drinking water, Astra's Drinking Fountains encourage hydration, reduce the use of single-use plastics, and serve as a healthy convenience in public spaces.
Absolutely. Customisation is at the heart of Astra Street Furniture's offerings. Our Drinking Fountains come with a variety of customisable options to meet the unique needs of different environments. This includes not only functional features like dog bowls for pet-friendly areas and bottle fillers for convenience but also aesthetic choices. Choose from durable stainless steel finishes for a sleek, modern look or a range of colour finishes to align with your facility's colour scheme or branding. With Astra, you have the flexibility to create a hydration solution that truly fits your space.
Astra's Drinking Fountains are designed for ease of maintenance, featuring a simple access panel for any servicing needs, ensuring they remain a hygienic and functional addition to any space.

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Astra's Premium Range of Drinking Fountains

Experience water like never before with Astra's Premium Range of Drinking Fountains. Our Australian-made, industrial-designed fountains stand apart for their robust 316 Grade Stainless Steel construction, ensuring they are completely rust-proof and endure the test of time.

With a sleek, sophisticated design tailored to modern aesthetics, Astra's fountains are as much a visual statement as they are a sustainable choice for today's eco-conscious spaces. Explore our Premium Style and DDA Compliant Style, each crafted to meet both needs and regulations without compromising on elegance or performance.

Hydrating Public Spaces: Water Bubblers and Fountains

Astra's Drinking Fountains are more than just infrastructure—they're pivotal in creating usable public spaces. Offering essential hydration points, our Water Bubblers and Fountains are designed with the community in mind, ensuring that every member of the public has access to clean, safe drinking water. 

Our Venice Suite, featuring user-friendly designs like push-button operated bubblers and optional extras such as dog bowls and bottle fillers, complements any setting while prioritising functionality and user experience.

Water Bubblers in Educational Settings

In schools and educational institutions, where young minds grow and thrive, Astra Street Furniture provides essential hydration solutions. Our Drinking Fountains are tailored to suit the dynamic environment of learning spaces, encouraging hydration, fostering health, and ensuring students have ready access to water throughout their educational journey. Astra's bespoke solutions are designed to meet both the rigorous activity of school life and the stringent standards of health and safety.

Astra's Commitment: Quality Drinking Fountains

Delve into Astra Street Furniture's catalogue and discover a range of Drinking Fountains that are more than mere amenities—they are a testament to our commitment to enhancing public spaces and enriching the lives of Australians. From DDA-compliant designs to customisable options that cater to specific needs, Astra provides quality solutions that contribute to public well-being.  Contact Us to find the perfect Drinking Fountain for your space.