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Powder Coating

Our powder coating process is an extremely low-waste process and an excellent example of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. This is because the powder is electrostatically applied, and surplus powder is collected and recycled. Powder Coats are sustainable product and among the most advance, modern, and environmentally friendly coating systems currently in use. Unlike wet-sprayed solvent based coatings which can be high in off-gassing of VOC's (volatile organic compounds), the dry powder emits no harmful solvents to pollute the atmosphere. 

We can powder coat to your specifications in our own plant.

Standard Astra Colours

Black Satin



Anotec Dark Grey

Woodland Grey

Notre Dame

Basalt Grey

APO Grey

Deep Ocean Blue

Navy Blue

Dark Violet

Blaze Blue


Cottage Green

Pale Eucalypt Satin

Jasper Satin

Manor Red

Signal red

Orange X15

Golden Yellow

Lemon Yellow

White Satin

Speciality Astra Colours

Textura Black

Lunar Eclipse

Vivica Charcoal Metallic

Citi Pearl

Leaf Satin

Reef Gloss

Moonlight Satin

Electro Gold Pearl

CoreTen GX

Flame Gloss

Note: All products are priced based on ONE standard advertised colour. Changing this ONE standard colour to one of the above colours is possible but does attract additional cost. Other colours also available from the Dulux & Interpon Powder Coat Ranges.