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Curved Benches

Discover the seamless blend of form and function with Astra Street Furniture’s collection of curved benches. Designed with the nuances of outdoor spaces in mind, our benches embody elegance and robustness, making them the perfect choice for any landscape. Our range, including the versatile Woodville series and the sleek Milan bench, brings a touch of sophistication to parks, gardens, and communal areas, inviting visitors to pause, sit, and enjoy the surroundings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a variety of high-quality materials known for their durability and ability to withstand outdoor conditions. This includes timber such as merbau hardwood, eco-friendly enviroslat, anodised aluminium for a sleek finish, and powder-coated steel for structural integrity.
Yes, our curved benches are designed with adaptability in mind. They can be fitted to match the contours of any landscape, providing flexibility in design and installation.
We offer various customisation options, including the addition of armrests and backrests. Our goal is to ensure that your seating is as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing, meeting the diverse needs of all users.

Video Gallery

The Woodville Angled Benches are a great way to create an outdoor interactive space or yarning circle. The base plate Woodville Angled Benches come in Astra's 5 standard slat options to best suit your area.
The Woodville Angled Bench range consist of a robust bolt-down furniture item for changerooms and outdoor applications. The angled benches are available in 45°, 90°, 180°, 360° and Zig-Zag bench options.
Prague Benches are tough and functional with a safe curved form in a matching style to the rest of the Prague suite of furniture pieces. They are available in 2 standard lengths of 600mm & 1200mm.

Elevate Outdoor Spaces with Curved Benches

When it comes to enhancing public areas, our curved benches offer more than just a place to sit. They are designed to fit naturally into their surroundings while providing ample seating. The strategic placement of these benches can help direct the flow of foot traffic, create intimate seating areas, or make a bold architectural statement. Their curved shape not only invites interaction but also adds an element of design sophistication to parks, gardens, and urban spaces.

Custom Curved Benches for Bespoke Projects

Your unique outdoor project deserves a bespoke seating solution. At Astra Street Furniture, we don't just sell benches; we collaborate with clients to craft custom solutions. Whether you're looking for a specific angle, a particular colour from the Dulux powder coat range, or a mix of materials to complement your design scheme, we can accommodate. Our team works closely with you to ensure the final product is exactly what you envisioned for your space.

Creating Inviting Outdoor Environments with Curved Seating

Our mission extends beyond providing seating — we aim to enhance communal experiences in outdoor spaces. Curved benches are ideal for fostering engagement and comfort, encouraging visitors to linger, converse, and enjoy the setting. Their design is intentional, promoting usability and inclusivity. Whether installed around a centrepiece or used to accentuate a scenic view, our benches make outdoor spaces more inviting.