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Introducing Astra Street Furniture

Who we are

Here at Astra Street Furniture, a member of the Area Safe Group, we promise our customers a ‘Quality Range’ of products & ‘Trusted Support’ from all our staff and services. In recent years the Area Safe team have seen an urgent need in the market for a range of premium street furniture to be provided with a premium level of support and service. For too long facilities right across Australia – shopping centres, private schools, universities, public transport facilities – have been told to wait up to 14 weeks for delivery of their furniture. From these observations was the all new ‘Astra Street Furniture’ range born!

3 years of Product Development & Market Research

Over the past 3 years, the Area Safe team have hired industrial designers, consulted with industry professionals, had 100s of hours of product development meetings, gathered feedback from our valued clients, and manufactured, tested & reviewed numerous prototypes all in view of creating a premium range of street furniture which is now known as Astra Street Furniture!

What makes Astra different?

We believe the industry not only needs premium quality products, but it urgently needs a better level of service. It frustrates us to hear of lead times on furniture like 4 or 6 or 8 weeks. Any client should be able to choose what they want and when they want it! We have 3 key objectives for Astra:

  1. Manufacture in Australia from sustainably sourced raw materials,
  2. Meet DDA requirements, Government, environmental and clientele standards,
  3. Stock these items for immediate delivery.

What is the current Astra range?

We are now very pleased to have released 6 new ranges and many more to come! We have our first ever design, the London Series. This includes a timeless range of seats, benches and tables with various leg and slat styles to choose from.

The Madrid series has been designed to emulate the waves of Australia’s famous beaches. This is a unique and impressive design offering seats and benches with various slat and leg options.

One of our most impressive designs to date is the modern Paris series. This style incorporates traditional timber or aluminium slats but with an industrial modern steel frame design. Very heavy duty and premium quality, this is a perfect fit for every inner city development or new landscaped reserve environment!

The recent additions of our Woodville and Vienna Series add that extra spice to Astra! With the simple functionality of Woodville and the sophisticated styling of Vienna, every type of project can be taken care of. Complementing our seating range is the Athens Bin Enclosure series. This is an impressive range of wheelie bin enclosures with various materials, covers, colours and size options available. These units are also highly customisable with logos, designs or custom colours easily designed and included to our clients exact requirements.

What to expect from Astra in the future?

Over the coming months we will continue to release new ranges and series to make up a comprehensive range of premium street furniture. From new designs of seats and benches to a complete range of waste solutions and many other outdoor fixtures. We are hiring industry and architect consultants to work with architects, designers, specifiers and clients within the industry to continue to build a range that is truly client-centric. These products & product ranges will all be coupled with the Quality Range & Trusted Support that is synonymous of the Area Safe Group!