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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Certain Area Safe bike racks have been carefully designed to meet the requirements of AS2890.3 for Class 2 or 3 security level of bike parking, which includes not only being able to lock both the wheel and the bike frame but also to support the frame to prevent accidental damage to the bike.
Yes, bike racks are easy to install, as they simply require bolting down to a clean, flat surface or on a wall. Area safe also offer bike racks that are in-ground installed bike racks, that require concrete to be securely installed.
Area Safe range of bike racks are available in galvanised steel, powder coated galvanised steel, and 316 marine grade stainless steel. Also note, that not all bike racks are available in all materials, refer to product descriptions.
Choosing a bike rack is dependent on the area that they are required and the amount of bike parking spots that are required. There are various options available for bike racks needed in compact areas or for maximum parking capabilities. Speak with the Area Safe sales consultants and they will be able to advise you with the best bike parking options available.
The large coat hanger bike rack holds/stores the most bike racks from the Area Safe range, holding up to 10 bikes, placed between hangers and at either end of the rack.
When bikes are being stored using bike racks it is crucial that they are correctly secured to the rack using a bike chain or lock for optimum security. It is important that they are correctly attached to the bike rack to ensure there is no possibility they are stolen or damaged by other users. The more bike chains or locks that are appropriately used, will increase the security of the bike.
It is highly recommended that the bike racks are bolted down to ensure they remain in the positioned they were intended for. When not bolted down, they can easily be dragged around or even stolen. When the bike racks are not bolted down, it doesn’t create a secure environment for users to park/store their bikes.
Bike racks are best installed at the entrance of institutions such as schools, universities, shopping centres or fast food restaurants where users enter and exit from commonly. End of trip parking such as car park basements, public transport areas and parks where other vehicles such as cars would park their cars is another ideal location for bike racks to be installed. Car park basements such as shopping centres, apartments complexes and accommodation facilities can take advantage of wall hung buffalo bike racks that can be positioned on the wall above a car bonnet to make use of dead space.
Compact P4 multi bike racks are the most effective for space conscious areas as they hold the greatest capacity of bikes when multiple are installed next to each other for the area they are installed in compared to others in the Area Safe range.

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The Surface Mount Hanging Bike Rack is a unique and effective way of storing bikes in shared carparks such as apartment blocks or commercial buildings. They are the perfect bike parking solution for saving space and maximise bike parking in space conscious areas.
The Single Ring Bike Rail is an attractive and artistic choice for bike parking available in surface mounted or in-ground style for secure parking. The bike rail holds up to 2 bikes, one either side of the rail.
The simple and aesthetically pleasing Single Hoop Bike Racks are available in base plate or in-ground styles. The bike rack can hold up to 2 bikes either side of the rack.
The coat hanger bike rack is a versatile and space efficient bicycle storage system, suitable for many different environments. Bikes can be placed between hangers, and at either end of the rack, available in 3 different sizes.
The space saving wall mounted Buffalo Bike Rack supports up to two bicycles with the bike suspended parallel to the wall by the top frame (with some bikes a conversion adaptor bar may be required).

Efficient and Safe Bike Storage Solutions

Bike parking is an essential component of any public space or urban area. Providing secure and convenient bicycle parking and storage options encourages people to use bicycles as a primary mode of transportation, which can reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and promote physical activity.

Bike racks are simple and practical structures that can accommodate multiple bicycles at once. Astra Street Furniture offers a variety of bike rack styles, including horizontal racks and vertical racks. These racks are made from durable materials such as steel or aluminium and can be surface-mounted or embedded into the ground for added stability.

For more compact spaces or areas with high foot traffic, wall-mounted bike racks are also available. These racks are perfect for tight spaces such as hallways or entryways and can be easily installed on most wall surfaces.

Overall, Astra Street Furniture's range of bike parking products offers a comprehensive solution to the growing demand for bicycle parking and storage options. By providing secure and convenient bike parking, these products promote sustainable transportation, encourage physical activity, and contribute to the overall appeal of public spaces.