Project - William Clarke College

Client William Clarke College

Location Morris Grove, Kellyville NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Supply Only

Date June 2020


About William Clarke College

William Clarke College opened its gates in 1988 with only 113 students in Years 7 and 8 which has now grown to over 1500 students and 200 greatly educated staff members in the P-12 college. The college is proudly named after Rev William Branwhite Clarke, who was a minister of the gospel and the first imperative of the Parish of Castle Hill, Rouse Hill and Dural. The college has been established on approximately 24 acres which has allowed them to continually upgrade and build multiple facilities to cater for the growing school. By 1999 William Clarke was home to a large oval, bus bay, eight buildings catering for classrooms teaching art, mathematics, technical and applied sciences, music and drama facilities, library, canteen, and a large multipurpose hall.

Since their establishment, the school’s paramount objective has been to provide and generate the greatest and smartest facilities it can to aid in the success of their teaching abilities for their students. To ensure this is achieved, they have implemented a strategic plan and master plan to guide them in their success. Their master plan enables them to evolve long term throughout the next 10 years where over 50 staff members have done some critical thinking into the types of spaces that will greatly benefit the learning opportunities and wellbeing of current and future students. Through this, Area Safe Products’ brand, Astra Street Furniture, is able to contribute to the development sought out by the college in their community and learning spaces.

What the client said

They had been looking into waste separation bins for some time and compared several options. They eventually decided on the stainless steel Cyclo Bins for the internal areas and the timber slat Athens wheelie bin enclosures for the outdoor areas. The Cyclo bins had a large flat frontal where they could put signage and the Athens bin enclosures look good and work in well with their existing waste management arrangement. They also have bright colours for clearly identifying each waste stream and were cost-effective for the high quality of an Australian made product.