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Architectural Bollards

Dive into our comprehensive selection of bollards, crafted to elevate safety and bolster security in a range of settings. From the durability of our stainless steel bollards to the robust strength of concrete bollards and versatile steel bollards, our range of bollards are ideal for pedestrian and asset protection in urban and commercial spaces.  

Shop Our Range Of Security & Architectural Bollards

At the intersection of safety and design lies our curated collection of bollards. Whether you’re looking for robust concrete bollards to safeguard critical areas or elegantly crafted architectural bollards to elevate the aesthetics of your space, we’ve got the perfect fit for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bollards are sturdy, vertical posts that are typically made of steel, concrete or other durable materials. They are designed to guide traffic and protect areas or structures from vehicular intrusions.
Bollards have multiple applications, including safety & security to prevent vehicles from accessing specific areas, traffic guidance, access control to permit certain vehicles to enter or exit while restricting other, barriers to protect pedestrians or assets such as shopfronts.
Safety bollards can be purchased from specialised manufacturers and suppliers who cater to urban planning, traffic management or security solutions. Astra Street Furniture offers a range of high-quality bollards designed for various applications.

Video Gallery

Berlin Bollards are made with a combination of galvanised steel and inset slats to create incredible design choice for your project. Stocked in a range of styles to create high impact protection for pedestrians and property.
Stainless Steel Bollards are a post that is made from stainless steel, generally used to separate pedestrians from vehicles and guard shop fronts against ram-raids, but chosen for either its pleasant aesthetic appeal, its corrosive resistance, or both.
Stainless steel Removable Bollards are 316 grade with #4 brush polish, with security key operation.
Stainless Steel Internal Base Plate Bollards are engineered for applications where in-ground fixed bollards can’t be used and a standard (exposed) base plate may cause a trip hazard or interfere with trolleys or cleaning etc especially in tight spaces or food areas.
Stainless steel removable bollards are 316 grade and #4 brush polish, with security key operation.

How Our Bollards Can Help Bring Safety To Your Next Project

Creating a space that marries safety with aesthetics can be a challenge, but Astra Street Furniture is here to simplify that journey for you. Our range of bollards are a dependable security solution and an ode to design, blending seamlessly in diverse surroundings.  

Proudly Australian-made, every bollard is a testament to top-tier craftsmanship. Backed by our swift one-week dispatch promise and unwavering commitment to quality, we are your trusted partners in safety.  

What Applications Benefit From Our Bollards

Building forecourts and perimeters: Bollards installed around building entrances and boundaries serve as the first line of defence against accidental vehicle collisions or intentional acts. They create a safety buffer, safeguarding structures and occupants alike.  


Shopping centres and malls: High foot traffic and crowded parking lots make these commercial hubs susceptible to mishaps. Bollards effectively delineate pedestrian zones, reducing the risk of vehicular accidents. 


Government sites and utilities: Given the sensitive nature of these sites, bollards reinforce security, preventing unauthorised vehicle access and potential threats.  


Industrial complexes: With heavy machinery and vehicles in constant operation, bollards can demarcate pedestrian pathways, ensuring a clear separation between vehicles and workers. 


Public and community areas - parks: Bollards in parks and community areas can guide foot traffic, protect playgrounds and conserve green spaces by preventing vehicle encroachments.  


Schools and university campuses: The safety of students and staff is paramount. Bollards ensure vehicles stay within designated zones, especially during pick-up and drop-off times, making entrances and pathways safer for everyone.  


Alfresco dining areas: Bollards set up a protective perimeter, ensuring a peaceful and safe dining experience while also demarcating dining zones from adjacent streets.