Project - Kellyville High School

Client: Kellyville High School

Location: Corner York Rd and Queensbury Avenue, Kellyville NSW 2155

Supplier: Astra Street Furniture

Installer: Supply Only

Date: September 2022


About Kellyville High School

Kellyville High school is founded on three core principles of learning, excellence and integrity. When students come to Kellyville HS, they enter a defined and pivotal stage in their life journey. Their aim is to develop the skills, knowledge and strength students need to successfully tackle the next part of their journey, whichever path they choose. The founders had the vision and strength to drive Kellyville HS into an immersive, co-educational 7-12 year high school. Their purpose is to ensure that they live up to these aspirations and promote strong core values in the lives of their students.

Kellyville High School is a school built for the new millennium and is very different in design from schools built in the 1950s, 60s or later. The design of Kellyville HS emphasizes natural light, space and a technical backbone to allow for expansion.

What the client said

Great product! We liked the way we could easily get the red doors to fit in with our schools existing colour scheme.