Project – Supa Centa Moore Park

Client Supa Centa – Moore Park

Location Todman Avenue, Kensington NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Supply Only

Date June 2022


About Supa Centa – Moore Park

The Moore Park Supa Centa is conveniently located approximately 3km southeast of the Sydney central business district. With over 45 of the leading retailers in Australia, shoppers are able to find everything they could possibly need to make a house a home, under the one roof. The supa centa is the ideal day out for those wanting to discover globally inspired designs and home styling solutions while enjoying a coffee and bite to eat at one of the many cafes.

There is something for everyone, especially with the 5-star parent’s room and play zones that provide the perfect environment for both the parents and children. The centre is conveniently located so shoppers can access the free parking from all directions of travel as well as public transport services running to and from the centre frequently. A step further in terms of convenience for shoppers, this supa centre has introduced a service called GoGet which is a van hire service. This is perfect for those trips you make without the intention of spending big and need to get all your shopping home in one trip! With a high level of foot traffic in and around this centre, it is important that centre management maintains a focus on the cleanliness of the centre not only for the overall aesthetics, but also for the comfort of its visitors. This is where Astra’s Prague Bin Enclosures have played a crucial role in providing adequate waste disposal measures as well as being presented in a modern, sleek way.


What the client said

“The new bins have been placed around the car park near the entries. They are a good size and match the colour scheme too!”