Project – State Archives & Records NSW

Client State Archives & Records NSW

Location Caddens NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Astra Street Furniture

Date June 2022


About State Archives & Records NSW

The State Archives & Records Authority of New South Wales is one of Australia’s pre-eminent Archives and Records Authorities with an extensive collection of historical records and archives. There are records that date back to the European settlement of Australia in 1788. Along with the responsibility of the development, preservation, and access for the State’s archives, they are also responsible for storing over 650km of semi-permanent Government records for NSW public sector offices. If individuals have a love of history and working with historical documents, there is opportunity to become a NSW State Archives volunteer through their volunteer program.  

The objective of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 is to make government information more accessible to the public by requiring government agencies to make particular types of information freely available. This encourages government agencies to release as much other information as possible, allowing the public an enforceable right to make access applications for government information and restricting access to information only when there is an overriding public interest against disclosure.


What the client said

“Doesn't it look good; we'll be getting more soon!”