Vision Statement

To be known as the most trusted provider of the highest quality carpark safety and street furniture products in Australia.

Mission Statement

Enhancing public spaces & the lives of Australians

Core Values

    This core value is an all-encompassing value! Everything we do, everything we produce, every interaction and every transaction must be completed firstly in a quality manner. Every product is carefully designed to ensure they are a market leader in quality and longevity.

    Our quality first promise covers:

    • Quality products
    • Quality delivery service
    • Quality proactive communication
    • Quality customer service/support
    This core value is all about balance.

    You must strike a balance between each of the 3 statements.

    We must not procrastinate (Do it now), however we must always get the task completed correctly (Do it right), so it doesn’t have to be re-done (Do it once).

    As staff get this balance perfected they become top performers!
    At Astra Street Furniture, first class service is a non-negotiable!

    Our promise to our customers is to deliver our products faster than any other option in the market. However service starts well before the delivery of goods.

    All through our customers journey with Astra Street Furniture, they will experience first class service on our website, over the phone, via email, in person, with our deliveries and with our accounts team.

    Information is provided quickly, support and advice is readily and freely given. Don’t just take our word for it! Our customers have spoken! Our net promoter score is consistently above 80!
    This is like a mathematical equation!


    This core value is also a 2-way street, if management are open and honest to our staff, the staff will be loyal and work efficiently as a result. Similarly, if the staff are open and honest to management and their work colleagues, management will be loyal in return.

    Open and honest staff also results in the business operating more efficiently. Openness and honesty covers all areas: in business, in your immediate job role, in mistakes, in WHS, personal issues including changes or activities that affect your ability to work.
    It’s all about the Astra Street Furniture brand!

    We firmly believe and continue to prove that only through working together as a team do we build, maintain and strengthen the Astra Street Furniture brand.

    Individual superstars that do not work as part of a team will be detrimental to the brand. Teamwork also calls for consistency and reliability. If one team member fails to turn up, work at a consistent level or continually “drop-the-ball”, the team, and the brand will suffer. Alternatively, if we all work and communicate together as one team, the Astra Street Furniture brand will continue to strengthen.
    This is all about attitude!

    Everyone in the business has an attitude to learn. We have an open mind to learning new and better techniques and processes to every aspect of our role.

    As a team we help each other with feedback, suggestions and teaching.

    Finally and importantly, we accept the feedback, suggestions and teaching, no matter who or where it comes from!