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Frequently Asked Questions
YES! The entire range of Astra Street Furniture is made from locally sourced raw materials and manufactured locally in our warehouse. This ensures the quality of our street furniture is closely analysed and maintained with the highest quality materials. This also allows for faster lead times. All standard Astra options are dispatched in less than 1 week.
Astra Street Furniture does have a Warranty Policy, with the terms of such stated in explicit detail. View the Warranty Policy here.
Astra Street Furniture is proud to offer the shortest lead times on street furniture in Australia. All our standard advertised items are dispatched within 1-5 working days. Large quantities and any customisations including size or colour will result in a slightly longer lead time.
Yes, customisation of our standard range is easily available! This can be achieved through alterations in colour, design, size, slat materials, finishes and additional signage. Due to the street furniture being 100% Australian made, it allows for flexibility in customisation with appropriate lead times.
Customisation of the Astra’s range of street furniture pieces are available with lead times of approximately 1-4 weeks, dependant on the alteration made to the design and materials used.
Yes! Astra includes a range of furniture pieces that offer multiple configurations allowing for wheelchair accessible suitability. They are available in multiple slat options including Merbau and Mixed Blonde Hardwood, Enviroslat Walnut, and Anodised and Wood Grain Aluminium. View the wheelchair accessible furniture items here.
DDA refers to the ‘Disability Discrimination Act 1992’ that covers all aspects of disabled access in public places so that handicapped persons are not disadvantaged and are still able to use street furniture.

Most of Astra Street Furniture’s seating range is 100% compliant to DDA seating requirements. Astra has a range of seats, tables and picnic settings that’s are DDA compliant while park seats without backrests (benches) are not classified as being compliant. View Astra Street Furnitures Range of DDA compliant furniture here.

Yes, seats are sold without armrests as they are an optional extra that can be separately purchased. One set of arm rests are required per seat and two sets are required per table setting. The only suite that does not offer armrests is the Woodville suite.
Yes, seats without backrests are typically called benches. View the Astra bench range here.
The frames for all furniture pieces are a powder coated cast aluminium finish. Through local manufacturing, custom colours and finishes of the frames and base options are available with additional lead times.
There are freestanding, bolt down, straight base plate and straight in-ground mounting options for a variety of the Astra furniture pieces available.
Upon arrival of hardwood slat furniture, wipe the slats with a cloth to remove any excess oil. It is recommended to re-finish the hardwood slats every 3-6 months to preserve the hardwood and keep it looking new for longer. This is to prevent the elements from ruining the surface of the furniture slats and are drying out the hardwood itself.

For refurbishing timber slats purchased from Astra, we recommend the timber protection oil CUTEK CD50 (available from most paint, timber and hardware stores). To view an in-depth guide on furniture care and maintenance, refer to the furniture spec sheet here.

A seamless timber look with very low maintenance can be achieved through choosing furniture pieces made with our Wood Grain Aluminium slats. These slats start as aluminium and are then produced using a double powder coated system with the finished wood grain product being Red Wood Cedar.

This allows the slat to be a wood-like aluminium material achieving the same warm, wooden tones and colours that are seen in real timber products yet with a lot less maintenance compared to real timber.

Yes, Enviroslat Walnut (Composite) is an extruded timber replacement that is made from a mix of plastic (recycled and virgin) and reclaimed cellulose fibre (wood sawdust / rice husk).

Material Content Breakdown:

  • Reclaimed Cellulose Fibre (wood/bamboo/rice husk) = 55%
  • HDPE (post industrial waste, including plastic bottles but not limited to = 35%
  • Additives (virgin polymer shell, colour pigment, UV inhibitor, fungicide etc) = 10%

Against the harsh Australian elements, the Enviroslat composite has a low moisture absorption rate, rot and termite proof and not excessively hot in the sun due to the combination of wood and plastic properties.

One of the main advantages of aluminium furniture is that it does not rust. This is perfect for landscapes near the beach where it will be exposed to salty or moist outdoor air.

Aluminium is also a lightweight furniture option, where it can be moved around wherever necessary without any issues.

There is minimal maintenance required for aluminium furniture in comparison to timber. There requires very little upkeep in order for aluminium to maintain its impressive aesthetics.

They are great value for money! Aluminium seats, benches and table settings are an affordable furniture alternative when functionality and appeal is required whilst not breaking the bank!

No, additional liners are not required for Astra bins. A plastic liner comes complementary with all Astra bins which is easy to remove, making cleaning of the bin and liner a stress free task for the grounds and maintenance departments.
The easiest way to keep birds out of bins is to ensure the bin is fitted with a covered or enclosed top. The best Athens Bin Enclosure covered top to keep birds away is the cube cover as it reduces the space in which birds will have access to the rubbish.

Covered top litter bins and bin enclosures are also effective in ensuring that rubbish doesn’t fly out of the litter bin or wheelie bin enclosure.