Why DDA Compliant Fixtures are Important for Aged Care Facilities and Health Centres

Firstly, what is DDA?

DDA stands for Disability Discrimination Act. It is an Australian federal law that aims to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities and promote equal rights, opportunities, and access to services for them. The law covers a wide range of areas, including employment, education, accommodation, access to goods and services, and public transport.

Some of the key features of DDA include

  • Protection against discrimination – making it illegal to discriminate against a person with a disability
  • Reasonable accommodations – requires that organisations make reasonable accommodations to facilitate for those with disability
  • Complaints process – provides a process for individuals to make complaints if they believe they have been discriminated against
  • Education and awareness – requires that organizations take steps to educate their staff and the public about the rights of people with disabilities and the importance of preventing discrimination.

In essence, it is an importance piece of legislation which helps to ensure that people with disabilities are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities and services.

So, how does this relate to my health care or aged care facility?

Under the DDA, aged care and health care facilities are required to provide reasonable accommodations and support to ensure that people with disabilities can access and use the facilities and services they need. This includes providing accessible facilities, such as wheelchair ramps and handrails, and ensuring that staff are trained in how to assist people with disabilities.

Additionally, the DDA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities, including older adults, in areas such as employment, access to goods and services, and accommodation. This means that aged care and health facilities cannot refuse to provide services to someone based on their disability, and must make reasonable adjustments to accommodate their needs.

It’s really important that health and aged care facilities comply with this legislation so that all individuals have equal access to health services and old age care, no matter their ability.

And how can Astra Street Furniture help?

Astra Street Furniture offers a wide range of DDA compliant outdoor furniture pieces & wheel chair accessible settings. Everyone has the right to enjoy spending time outdoors, and ensuring your outdoor furniture is DDA compliant is a good way to let all individuals have equal access and give a sense of inclusion.

Examples of our furniture pieces include: