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Barcelona DDA Seat with Armrests

Code: 47-ABST18A

Price Range: Mid Tier

Merbau Hardwood

Australian Made

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The Barcelona DDA Seat is a premium product with a carefully designed strong steel frame that has been zinc plated for long-term rust protection and finished with a premium charcoal coloured powder coat. The Barcelona range of premium street furniture pieces is the perfect balance of design, functionality, and affordability. The subtle curvature of the slatted edges provide ergonomic comfort when sitting and dining whilst also being able to reach over the table safely and smoothly without harsh edges catching on clothing. The perfect combination of the London Suites good looks and the Woodville Suites functionality come together in the Barcelona furniture pieces, with a price point to resolve any budget constraints that are often present in projects.

This Product is proudly designed, manufactured and assembled here in Australia - 100% Australian Made

Standard slat options include Merbau Hardwood, Anodised Aluminium, Enviroslat Walnut, Wood Grain Aluminium - Western Red Cedar and Wood Grain Aluminium - Blonde Oak. Custom slats are available on request – please enquire.

  • The Enviroslat Composite slats are partially manufactured from a soft recycled plastic which may result in minor bowing and warping of the slats over time.
  • Wood Grain Powder Coat has a 2-stage process with a lightly textured surface and is more durable than a standard powder coat. It is created using a unique coating process. This is a process of powder coating the aluminium, partially curing it, applying another layer of powder and then using a decorative drum to stamp the high-definition grain pattern into the surface. The aluminium is then fully cured combining both layers into a single, ultra durable powder coated finish. The thickness is 80 microns.

Dulux Powder Coat Colour: Charcoal Satin

See more product & company information in our downloadable resources page here


Barcelona Seat (Merbau Hardwood) - Spec Sheet (Armrest) (233 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Anodised Aluminium) - Spec Sheet (Armrest) (231 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Enviroslat Walnut) - Spec Sheet (Armrest) (231 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Wood Grain Aluminium - Western Red Cedar) - Spec Sheet (Armrest) (341 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Wood Grain Aluminium – Blonde Oak) - Spec Sheet (Armrest) (235 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Armrest) - Assembly Guide (306 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Armrest) - Enviroslat - Assembly Guide (309 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Armrest) - 2D DWG (72 Kb)

Barcelona Seat (Armrest) - 3D DWG (271 Kb)


Size: 1800(L) x 568(W) x 845(H)mm

Seat Height: 450mm

Slat Profile: 70(W) x 30(H)mm

Seat Weights:

  • Merbau Hardwood: 57kg
  • Enviroslat Walnut: 80kg
  • Anodised Aluminium: 50kg

* Please Note: Assembly Required