Project - TAFE NSW Ryde

Client  TAFE NSW Ryde

Location Ryde, NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Supply

Date June 2023


About TAFE NSW Ryde

Set in 25 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with views to the Blue Mountains, TAFE NSW Ryde is an internationally renowned specialist training centre for hospitality, tourism, horticulture and environmental management.

The Requirement

To create a comfortable and clean outdoor seating area to promote social interactions, group discussions and provide a place for students and staff to relax and study. 

The Challenges

  • Durability: Outdoor furniture must endure various weather conditions. Choosing durable designs can prevent frequent replacements and maintenance in the future.
  • Aesthetic and Functional Compatibility: Seating and bins should complement the campus's aesthetic while being functional. Designs need to accommodate both individual and group needs and support waste management goals, ensuring inclusivity for all students.
  • Space and Placement: Determining optimal locations for seating and bins is crucial to maximise utility without obstructing pedestrian flow. Proper placement ensures areas are neither overcrowded nor underutilised.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: As student needs and campus dynamics change over time, outdoor furniture should offer flexibility. TAFEs face the challenge of selecting seating and bins that can adapt to various events, functions, or shifts in student population, ensuring longevity and relevance in their choices.


The Solution

After evaluating the challenges and requirements, TAFE Ryde selected the Barcelona Bin and custom Madrid DDA Seats.


The Barcelona Bin offers the following features:

  • Seamless Aesthetic: As part of the Barcelona Suite, the bin seamlessly complements other furniture in the Barcelona range, ensuring a cohesive and modern look across the campus.
  • Diverse Use Cases: Its suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications means TAFEs can deploy it in various settings, from classrooms to courtyards.
  • Local Quality Assurance: Being 100% Australian made ensures high-quality craftsmanship, potentially reducing maintenance costs and supporting local industries.
  • Durability: With a lifecycle expectancy of 6 to 10 years, customers can count on long-term use without frequent replacements, optimising investment.
  • Eco-Friendly Campus Initiatives:
    • The bin's 17% recycled content aligns with sustainability goals, showcasing the institution's commitment to the environment.
    • Its 4-star Carbon Star Ranking also demonstrates a conscious effort to reduce the campus's carbon footprint.

The Madrid DDA Seats offer the following features:

  • Compliance & Design: The Madrid DDA Seat, with its traditional style and silver powder-coated aluminium frame, adheres to the Disability Discrimination Act and Australian Standards, promoting inclusivity.
  • Local Craftsmanship: 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in Australia, ensuring durability and quality.
  • Durability: The aluminium frame is corrosion-resistant, and the wood grain aluminium slats combine timber aesthetics with minimal maintenance. This product has a lifecycle expectancy of 11 to 24 years.
  • Design Flexibility: Offers various leg styles and can be freestanding or bolted, catering to different campus settings.
  • Eco-Friendly: Its 5-star Carbon Star Ranking demonstrates a conscious effort to reduce the campus's carbon footprint.


What the client said

“The seating and bins look fantastic and installation was very straightforward.”