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Australian Made


Support for Australian Made has surged with research showing that more than 93% of Australians are more likely to buy a product that is made in Australia. This symbol is your guarantee that this product is designed and manufactured locally.

Recycled Content


Every product in the Astra Street Furniture range has a percentage of recycled content. The number in the centre of the triangle is the total percentage of all recycled content in this product. If you are looking for a product with high recycled content, then the higher the percentage, the better!

Lifecycle Expectancy


This is a conservative indication of the minimum expected life of the product. The longer a product is expected to last, the less material waste there will be as replacement products don’t need to be manufactured as often.



This symbol is an indication of whether there is a known alternative use for the product at the end of its design use life. ‘Re’ means that end of-life repurposing is expected to be possible. This is obviously a great benefit because the used product does not need to go direct to landfill, but can rather have another life with a different purpose!

Carbon Star Ranking


The amount of embodied carbon in a product is your tool towards calculating the carbon footprint of a project and any offsets that may be required to achieve a net-zero outcome. This star symbol is part of the Astra ranking system and indicates how one product compares to another. Five stars indicates the best rating with the least carbon content and 1 star indicates the highest carbon content.

Carbon Content Score


Embodied carbon or carbon content for a product is measured in kilograms of CO2 equivalent per kilogram of product mass. The number displayed on the symbol for each product shows the amount of embodied carbon in kilograms. This is to help calculate the carbon footprint of a project and any offsets that may be required to achieve a net-zero outcome. It should be understood that each carbon score is as accurate as possible at the time of publishing and is intended as a general guide due to reliable sources of accurate data not yet being available.