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Preferred Supplier

The Area Safe Group work closely with a number of government departments, education departments, councils and large facilities management companies. This includes preferred supplier agreements, contracts and approved vendors for a number of entities. Below is an overview and details of some of our current arrangements:

  • QLD Local Buy – BUS268 Open Spaces, Parks, Play, Sport & Recreation (See attached logo)
  • NSW Government Schools (EDConnect Vendor No. 100301263 – Gold status)
  • QLD State Schools (Vendor No. S00007620)
  • Catholic Schools Offices – Preferred Supplier
  • VIC Education (Vendor No. CR21117E)
  • SA Schools (Vendor No. AREASAF)
  • TAFE NSW (Vendor No. 100301263)
  • TAFE Victoria (Vendor No. ARSAPR.00)
  • Unimarket (Charles Sturt University & University of Tasmania)
  • Portalink (University of New England)
  • Spotless Group (Vendor No. 2023373)
  • Downer Group (Vendor No. 1017152)
  • Programmed Property Services (Vendor No. 24122)
  • Programmed Facility Management (Vendor No. S10484)
  • City Holdings (Vendor No. C002468)