Is it worth Installing Shade Structures in my Outdoor Facility? The Top 6 Benefits

Have you been caught outdoors in the Australian sun without shade? At some stage in our life, we can all relate to the effects from the blistering sun and its intensity! To get technical for a minute, Australia’s unusually harsh sunshine is a result from our location in the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere is closer to the sun during summer months than the Northern Hemisphere, meaning the summer sun in Australia is 7-10% stronger! Because of this, facilities need to ensure they provide adequate shaded areas in their outdoor areas within the facility.

So, after providing this eye opening information is it making you think about the sun safety at your facility? (We hope it is!). Lucky for you, we are helping you weigh up the benefits.

Let’s get started…

1. Encourages Sun Safety and Comfort

Shade structures offer protection and comfort of users all year round, not just the hotter months of the year. Even on cloudy days with cooler weather, the sun still can cause damage. Providing a shaded area for guests to rest and eat under, protects them from the harmful UV exposure preventing sunburn, a leading cause of skin cancer. By removing direct solar radiation, the temperature under a shade structure can feel up to 7 degrees cooler than under direct sunlight!

2. Protects Outdoor Equipment from the Elements

Outdoor equipment such as picnic settings, seats, benches and playground equipment can become extremely hot when out in the sun, making them unusable and unsafe for visitors of the facility. Protecting street furniture from the elements also extends the lifespan as UV from the sunlight fades the colour of the outdoor equipment over time. Shade structures also protect the outdoor street furniture as a barrier from wind, dust and rain, keeping them dry and clean for the guests.

3. Extends Time Spent Outdoors

Providing outdoor shade structures for your guests increases the time they are able to spend outdoors, which in turn, lengthens their stay at your facility! This can boost activity and increase money spent at your establishment. Outdoor communities and activities have become increasingly popular especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, so providing the appropriate shaded structures encourages a comfortable experience for families and friends to gather.

4. Cost Effective Alternative to Renovations

Renovations within any facility, no matter the size, can become quite expensive when all the costs are tallied up! That is why we suggest installing shade structures as a cost effective alternative when the budget doesn’t allow for major upgrades. Not only do they provide an undercover area, but they add an aesthetic appeal to the facility for a fraction of the cost!

5. Increase Usable Space

Installing shade structures expands the seating and dining possibilities within the facility! If indoor areas are temporarily closed, establishments can still operate and serve their customers in an indoor environment. This also contributes to the prevention in loss of revenue when indoor capacities are unavailable for use (such as those experienced in the Covid-19 pandemic).

6. Creates New Revenue Opportunities

By installing shade structures, install shade structures such as additional paid parking, undercover areas for event rentals, ceremony locations for weddings and parties and the list goes on!

Now that we have run through a variety of reasons that you SHOULD install shade structures, what else is stopping you!? Get in contact with us today to discuss your options and how you can better your facility.