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Venice Bottle Refill Stations


Price Range: Mid Tier

Venice Bottle Refill Station with Dog Bowl - Navy Blue colour

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100% Designed and manufactured locally.

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The Venice Bottle Refil Station has been been Australian designed and made with an aluminium post and base plate with stainless steel fittings (watermark approved). Tthe Venice Bottle Refil Station is perfect for use in facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals, parks, nursing homes, entertainment facilities, public transport stations and more.

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Venice Bottle Refill Stations - Spec Sheet (224 Kb)

Venice Bottle Refill Stations with Dog Bowl - Spec Sheet (229 Kb)

Venice Bottle Refill Station - Assembly Guide (295 Kb)

Venice Bottle Refill Station w/ Dog Bowl - Assembly Guide (307 Kb)


Size: 950mm

Colour: Dulux Monument (Custom colours available)