How to Strategically Place Seating to Promote Social Distancing

During these trying times, maintaining high hygiene standards to help stop the spread is a high priority for everyone. No facility needs the added pressure of being ‘responsible’ for increased cases!

However, its hard to find the fine line between keeping your facility an energetic, lively space, but also upholding appropriate measures and standards for everyone’s safety. To try and help you out, we have conducted research on how our Astra seating can be strategically placed to ensure individuals can still have a place to sit and relax, but at the same time, stay safe and healthy. Please take a look below!

  • Place Bins or Planters in Between your Seats – by placing objects like bins and planters in between seats in your facility, you are physically forcing social distance – individuals will be unable to pull other chairs up to sit next to each other, but above all, it will serve as a subtle reminder of the importance of maintaining our distance! Take a look at our London Suite, with planters, bins and seats – an ideal range to fit out your entire space!
  • Go for back-to-back options – the great thing about back-to-back seating is that whilst individuals may be in close proximately to each other, resulting in limited space in your facility being used most efficiently, individuals are in fact having very minimal contact with each other. The back-to-back position means people face away from each other and therefore will be less exposed to others unwanted, unhealthy bacteria! Check out the below Back-to-Back Madrid Seat, a perfect piece to create a new layout in your space.
  • Consider Curved Seating – the great thing about curved seating is its ability to fit into unique areas, enabling you to better utilise small spaces. Individuals can easily sit adjacent to one another, back to back, whilst still in close proximity. Essentially, still being able to socialise, but in a safer way! Astra’s Prague Bench Joiners are a great product to help you get the best out of your space and create a safe place to sit separate to others! Take a look at them now!
  • Take a Look at our 600mm Prague Benchesthese benches are great because they are practically an individual seat! Comfortably big enough for 1 person, individuals have the option to sit remote from others and can distance themselves to stay healthy. Place these around your facility to encourage and support individuals sitting separately!
  • Utilise armrests as a means of separation – the versatility of the Astra seating range allows you to not only take your pick in what slat type best suits but also whether you wish to have armrests included. By opting for the armrest option, especially when one is situated in the middle as seen below, you can better prevent the overcrowding of seats in your facility. This subsequently promotes social distancing! Take a look at Astra’s seating range here, and simply ask our staff how to make best use of the armrest option!
  • Ensure your area has effective signage – Also thought I would let you know that Area Safe, Astra’s parent company, manufactures signs and vinyl graphics in house! You can easily customise messages to suit what you need around your facility as a way of upholding appropriate hygiene levels. Make sure you check them out here on the website now!

Please keep in mind that the above are only ideas – there are so many other ways that you can use our seating to encourage safe habits! Explore how you can utilise our premium seating in any environment to encourage individuals to use your facility in the safest way possible.