Project - Liverpool Girls High School

Client Liverpool Girls High School

Location Forbes Street, Liverpool NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Supply Only

Date May 2020


About Liverpool Girls High School

Liverpool Girls High School opened its doors in 1954 as a public high school for girls in Liverpool, Sydney. Many of the students that attended the high school at the time came from backgrounds that were socio-economically disadvantaged. Out of the overall population of girls that attend the school, approximately 89% of students come from a language background other than English. Liverpool High School has built up an honourable reputation in their local community, with the vision of co-creating a high quality learning environment to empower young women of the future to thrive and succeed within an inclusive and encouraging global community.

They offer an extensive range of technological and applied studies including, agriculture, graphics, industrial design, information and software tech, textiles technology as well as engineering studies, software design and development and textiles & design. They have recently implemented a new course for year 7 students called STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics). The course provides opportunities for the students to implement design thinking and gain a better understanding of the design process.

Their aim is to enhance the educational experience for each of the girls throughout their secondary schooling life. Liverpool Girls High School prides themselves in their recognition of the student’s individual needs and the identification of various community resources that can contribute to providing a quality learning experience for the students and teachers at LGHS.

What the client said

Very happy with the benches and glad to be a reference if anyone needs it. We needed to get students off the footpath while waiting for buses at 3pm as it gets really busy at that time. For 2 years, we had been searching for a narrow but smart looking bench that didn’t protrude too much for the limited space we had to work with. When we saw Astra Street Furnitures’ Paris Bench, we knew that was what we needed. We liked the fact it was 100% Australian Made and looks really good out the front of the newly refurbished school.