Project - Campbell House School

Client Campbell House School

Location Roy Watts Rd, Glenfield NSW

Supplier Astra Street Furniture

Installer Supply Only

Date October 2021


About Campbell House School

Campbell House is a small school for specific purposes that provides an alternative educational program for students in years 7-12, catering for 56 students across the school. The school supports the education and wellbeing of students who have an emotional or behavioural disorder but who are of normal cognitive ability.

They have a strong focus on being able to assist all their students with being able to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. This is achieved by engaging experiential programs that are designed to make learning relevant and meaningful. To ensure that each student is learning at their own capacity, they each have individual learning programs to help guide them comfortably through their schooling life. The school offers a variety of subjects, scholarship and award opportunities to strengthen the knowledge, confidence and social skills of all their students across all grades.

What the client said

“We are really happy with the new seating, it looks great, it’s easy to clean and has a really tough finish.”