Project – Arthur Phillip High School

Client Arthur Phillip High School

Location Macquarie Street, Parramatta

Supplier Area Safe Products Pty Ltd

Installer Supply Only

Date January 2020


About Arthur Phillip High School

Arthur Phillip High School is the first of several public high-rise schools located in NSW. The new building provides the high school with flexible, technology rich learning spaces and facilities with assigned home base levels for each year through 7-12. The core values issued through the school is respect for all members of the school community, success to learn, participate and realise their potential and the responsibility to recognise and understand the individual’s obligations as a member of the community.

The features of the new learning spaces include movable and adaptable furniture to allow for greater room configurations providing better learning opportunities in collaborative and individual learning. Increased facilities for elective and specialised subjects such as science, metal and woodwork, 3D design, food technology, performance, music and art along with a double size multi-sport gymnasium.

The state-of-the-art building and learning spaces contribute to efforts in enriching the learning opportunities provided to the students attending Arthur Phillip High School in the present and future. The essential design includes a central core containing all general learning spaces, student services, library, laboratories and TAS workshops. This central core is interconnected by many large lifts and every level is encircled by an uninterrupted balcony with stairs between levels, all enclosed by steel mesh to facilitate light and breeze, and to prevent falls. These common spaces and the green space outside the ground floor gymnasium, have Astra Wheelie Bin Enclosures placed to facilitate rubbish and recycling separation on all levels where required.

From the stakeholders

Arthur Phillip were after products that would positively contribute to the design and aesthetics the school was achieving though the building design and layout. The functionality of the products placed throughout the school was a key factor in their selection and allocation to communal areas. The products that were to be considered for purchase had to allow for the individuals using that facilities to keep their environment clean in a hygienic manner.

What the client said

The principal and the business manager had an establishment grant to use for items including bins, mats and sports equipment and they needed a renowned Australian manufacturer that could be trusted to deliver the products in time for installation well before the grand opening of Term 1 2020. They also needed a company with high quality, durable products at a competitive price to justify the investment. A bonus to them was to be able to order floor mats and other items all from the same supplier