Choosing the Best Bins for Shopping Centres

It's a question that many shopping centre managers have asked us: "Which bins are best for shopping centres?"

Selecting the right bins for your shopping centre is essential for maintaining an efficient, clean, and pleasant environment. Here's a breakdown of what you need to consider:

Ease of Maintenance: The best bins for easy cleaning are those made from smooth, durable materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic. They should have minimal crevices and be designed with removable liners for quick and thorough cleaning. Bins with wide openings prevent spillage and reduce the mess around them.

Capacity Considerations: The required size of your bins depends on the area's foot traffic and waste type. High-traffic areas like food courts might need bins of 80L to 120L or more, while smaller areas can do with 50-70L bins. Consider the frequency of waste collection to prevent overflow and maintain cleanliness.

Mobility and Volume: Wheelie bin enclosures are ideal for managing larger volumes of waste, especially in high-traffic or outdoor areas. They are sturdy, secure, and can be easily moved for cleaning and emptying. Their larger capacity and durability make them a practical choice for a busy shopping centre.

Security and Convenience: Keyed alike bins allow all bins to be opened with the same key, streamlining the cleaning process and ensuring only authorised personnel have access. This system is particularly beneficial for centres with numerous bins, simplifying management and enhancing security.

Strategic Placement: The best position for shopping centre bins is close to the source of rubbish, such as food courts, bathrooms, and entry/exit points. Bins should be easily seen and not too far apart. They should also be adjacent to pathways and near corners or crossways.

Clear and Informative: Bin signage should be clear, with large text that can be seen from a distance. Include pictograms representing the types of rubbish accepted. This ensures that customers can easily identify the appropriate bin for their waste.

Covered Tops: Outdoor bins with covered tops, like the Athens Bin Enclosures, are effective in preventing birds from accessing the rubbish. Covered tops block the view of the rubbish from overhead, limit bird perching, and make it harder for birds to reach the waste, contributing to a cleaner environment.

By addressing these key aspects - ease of cleaning, appropriate size and capacity, the utility of wheelie bins, and the convenience of keyed alike systems - you can choose the best bins for your shopping centre, ensuring a clean, efficient, and well-managed environment. Each decision will contribute to a more pleasant and welcoming shopping experience for your customers. Find out more from the team at