Why You Need a Premium London Seat

The fresh new Astra Street Furniture is rolling out with almost 20 seats – both timber and ali slats – installed across Sydney & Brisbane already!

The all new London Seat is a bespoke but cost-effective outdoor bench seat within our new Astra Street Furniture range of street furniture. Boasting a carefully designed cast aluminium frame and silky-smooth polished hardwood slats made from sustainably sourced timber from FSC or PEFC certified mills. This DDA compliant seat will soon have matching armrests, benches and tables!

Second to none, the leading designs of our Astra premium range of street furniture are now in stock. This slatted furniture with cast aluminium seat frames is available in the splayed leg design and production is almost complete for aluminium benches, outdoor table settings, plinth mount seats, plinth mount benches, wall mount seats and wall mount benches. This new range will also include the arched leg style along with the flagship splayed legs to match any streetscape.

The sophisticated and smart design is engineered with rugged durability for the harshest environments including any public space that needs bench seats.