A Simple Way to Bring ‘Green’ to Your Facility

Urbanisation and climate change are current major global change factors that are interfering with biodiversity and plant species. As we look into the future, an increased amount of people will be living in cities and urban streetscapes. Through this advancement, plant species will be faced with a variety of habitat changes and even loss.

Taking this into consideration, what more can be done to increase the presence of greenery and plants in urban spaces and indoor/outdoor facilities?

A simple solution is through the introduction of planters.

Planters bring easy care planting to locations where there is no soil, especially streets, public spaces, and rooftops where space is limited, and planting is otherwise impossible. The beauty of planters is that they don’t require major groundwork to be conducted prior to installation. When introducing planters in your urban/streetscape areas, they can be quickly and easily placed, requiring minimal effort to achieve a quality aesthetic.

Many facilities use the introduction of planters to provide a variety of positive elements. They contribute to improving ambient quality and reducing negative impacts of human presence, promoting place identity and cultural heritage. Plants improve the look of any landscape area by adding colour, and dimension, as well as creating a welcoming contrast against hard city and industrial areas. Planters also encourage the existence of plants and trees that help to regulate air quality and climate, countering the warming effects of paved surfaces and reduce noise pollution levels. Studies have also concluded that green spaces are linked to improved mental health, reduced stress, and can assist with the cognitive development in children.

Additionally, to providing simple ways of introducing greenery into a facility, planters can also be used to define and separate spaces in landscape areas. When they are strategically placed, areas can be divided, zones can be segregated, and pathways can be created. They can also be manipulated to hide unsightly areas and act as a subtle visual barrier between public spaces, buildings, and roads. You may notice that the best greenscape areas use planters and other street furniture pieces to smartly direct the flow of pedestrian movement.

Astra Street Furniture have thought about the variety of applications planters can achieve and designed a variety of Australian made pieces. The planters available include London Planters, Paris Planters, and Barcelona Planters. The differing designs enable a variety of layout designs to occur whilst still seamlessly coordinating with multiple Astra seats, benches, picnic setting, and litter bins through the standard slat options that are available.